new link: the kontinentals

While it's around for quite some time, I recently discovered the website of the Kontinentals car club from Austin, Texas. I like the way they build their cars, and I like to see them driving on the road. All of this is covered by many pictures that can be found on their club website. By the way, they are the guys behind the annual Lonestar Rod & Kustom Roundup.


swedish junkyards

On a recent trip to Scandinavia, I visited two very impressive junkyards. It's always a special experience to walk through the vegetation that has grown between old car wrecks for several decades and to think about the past of those cars, when they still were on the road, transporting people through their lives. Click here for some more photos from one of Sweden's biggest junkyards. We've even got something similiar here in Switzerland, check this out!