coming soon: race 61

Sorry for the lack of updates... but things are a little busy at the moment. Luckily, I got some nice pics of the ACES road trip to the Race 61 in Finowfurt, Germany. Here's a teaser, stay tuned for the rest of them.


bedrock weekend

Found some pretty amazing pics from last weekend's Bedrock Weekend in Denmark... Those scandinavians definitely know how to throw a party.


beauty on the inside

Some people say that true beauty is found on the inside. When it comes to cars, I partly agree with that. Even more so, I don't understand how many people neglect the interior of their rods and kustoms as it's the part of the car they see most of the time... I mean, every second you're driving you look at the dashboard in front of you, you're surrounded by the fabric or leather or whatever stuff your upholstery is made of. The interior of Burbank based Chris Casny's Model A Coupe for example is stitched from oxblood colored leather and features lots of nice details, perfectly executed. It's one of the most beautiful hot rod interiors I've seen in a long time. (HAMB)

The exterior ain't that bad, either...


more ink-n-iron

Handmade artist and self proclaimed photographer Alex of the Transmission77 Blog just posted a link to his ink-n-iron pics... He did some great shots so check them out.


custom parts & wear open house

So-calesque sunshine, lots of cool cars and the greatest hosts you can imagine turned the latest open house at Custom Parts & Wear in Mellingen into a perfect summer afternoon. The whole thing was crowned by a great cruising that ended at the King Cruiser Rumble, held at the Burger King in Lupfig. But click here to check it out for yourself. Or enjoy the fabulous slideshow.


open house & king cruiser rumble

You know what you're gonna do next saturday, don't you?



Tired of the usual car shows? And bored of tattoo conventions? Then you should try the annual Ink-N-Iron Festival, held on and in front of the legendary Queen Mary in Long Beach. Still not sure? Then go and check out the photos of HAMBers Chris Casny and Bad Bob. (HAMB)


bottrop kustom kulture 2009

Last weekend, I missed Bottrop Kustom Kulture in Germany and instantly started searching the web for some cool shots... Some of the best stuff I found so far are the pics taken by flickr member Von German. Check 'em out.


draggers c.c.

The Draggers from Munich started their own blog... Click here to check out their headquarter and their flaked ale-bench. And when they aren't cruising the boulevards of the bavarian capital, they set up the 1/8 mile race at Bottrop Kustom Kulture the upcoming weekend.