swap beach

As I probably stated before on this blog: I don't like swap meets. But the Long Beach Swap Meet could make me think over my opinion. Maybe at least a little bit. It's got a good size, there are some real hot rod parts and not just repop junk. And it's not too far from the beach in case you get tired of it anyway. Click here for the slideshow with some nice stuff at the car corral.


long beach swap meet

Early in the morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, Long Beach. More to come soon.


ACES Poker Run 2012

Car shows are like soda. Sometimes they taste okay and they even pretend to quench your thirst but you still feel like you're missing out on something. And if you had too much of it, you start feeling sick. That's why I prefer beer over soda. And that's why I prefer hot rod runs over static car events. So, the annual ACES Poker Run was all my taste. A great bunch of people, an amazing drive through an even more amazing landscape – and a nice turnout of hot rods. If you live in southern california and you own (and drive) a traditional hot rod or kustom, dont' miss the 2013 edition. Here's just a couple of outtakes from the 2012 ACES Poker Run as most of my shots are going to be published.



tra·di·tion. The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation. (thefreedictionary)


more bakersfield

Finally – here are a couple more of my Bakersfield photos. I don't have much time right now as I'm in the process of moving but the guys at at&t hopefully are working hard on my internet access. Find the rest of them pics here in the slideshow.