headbanging finsterwalde, germany (part 2)

Welcome, race fans! After some wrenching we're ready to rumble. Put your helmet on, fasten your seatbelt and grab the shifter for a run down the drag strip of Germany's oldest authentic 1/8 mile hot rod race. Click here to check out the photos from the race or use the fabulous slideshow. Good luck.


headbanging finsterwalde, germany (part 1)

Last weekend, we attended the already legendary Headbanging in Finsterwalde, Germany. It's an authentic 1/8 mile hot rod race on a former russian airbase about 100 miles south east from Berlin, held by the Hot Heads East. The whole vibe is breathtaking due to the entry being allowed for pre-58 cars only. Check out the photos I took or enjoy the slideshow. And stay tuned for the race pics...


customzone, winterthur

As I told you in my latest post, there were two car show on the same weekend. The second event was called Customzone and it must have been one of the first indoor hot rod and custom car shows in Switzerland ever. With lots of nice cars and bikes it attracted people from all over the country. Check out my pics or try the terrific slideshow.


hot rod & art show, weil am rhein

Boy we had some busy times as there were two car shows at the same weekend. On saturday, we drove straight across the border to attend the Hot Rod & Art Show in Weil am Rhein, held by the Road Devils Europe. The location was an old warehouse or something like that and it made for a great photo background. Check out my photos or enjoy the fabulous slideshow!