out now: deadend magazine 2/07

Glad they did it again: The Espinoza guys just released the latest issue of their awesome deadend magazine. Check it out at deadendmagazine.com. It's one of the very few magazines around with a selection of rides that never disappoints. Photography and layout are, as always, on a very high level. Highly recommended!


it's all about the stance (pt. 2)

Yeehaw, my '63 bel air finally got the stance that it deserves. No bags, just a set of lowering springs. It drives great, handling is even better than before, but I don't care about that as long as the target of setting the correct stance has been achieved.



As already mentioned in some earlier posts, I do have a soft spot for shoebox kustoms. Today I came across this stunning example of a very tastefully done shoebox while surfing the HAMB. No flames, no flakes, no frills and just another proof for the philosophy that less is more. Or as the saying goes: keep it simple, stupid.


american car show zuchwil

Another weekend, another meeting: Zuchwil is Switzerland's biggest american car event, but it's mainly focussed on muscle cars and classic 50s cars. Thus, you gotta look hard to spot some traditional rods or kustoms. I did so and stumbled across a nice model A roadster with some patina, a chopped '48 Ford coupe from the Cheaters car club, some slammed rides and that nice '62 impala which would make for a great 60s era mild kustom if you'd replace the lowrider wheels.


artsyfartsy weekend shots

Some pics I took at a vintage car meet some days ago. The rest of the cars? MGs, Jags, Alfas, you name it. Nice, but off topic, at least here on lowtech.