cruising culture reloaded

Ever since I can remember, there's a lack of cruising culture in Switzerland. I don't know why, but maybe it's a result of the general point of view that any drive in a car has to start at A and end at B. Most of the swiss people don't see any sense in driving from A to A. And even enjoying it doing so. Anyway, some friends and I decided to do something about this and did some serious downtown cruising in the city of Basel.


photoshop kustom: '40 ford coupe

Some may say I got too much time on my hands, but once I got started on modifying the stock 1940 Ford Coupe as presented by the HAMB art challenge I just couldn't stop. My version of the vintage '40 Ford is a Westergard inspired car with many of the traditional kustom touches. So, it's lowered, chopped, nosed, decked, shaved. And after that it was driven to the salt flats of Bonneville.


the kcw shoebox

The guys from Kustom Coach Werks are heavily into modified vintage volkswagens. Fortunately, their aircooled tradition didn't keep them from doing a great job on this slick shoebox by fitting an airride system among other modifications.