hot rod & art show :: weil am rhein

Adi's 1953 Chevy and the puddle of water that was left over from the heavy rain made for an interesting photo opportunity.


hot rod & art show :: weil am rhein

We had a blast at this year's Hot Rod and Art Show in Weil am Rhein Germany, held by the Road Devils Europe and Smokin' Shutdown magazine. With a car show during the day and some burlesque dancers during the night, there was entertainment for everyone. Stay tuned, there's more to come.


hot rod girl

Took this shot at this year's Hot Rod Hayride in the UK.


ford galaxie

«When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.» Steve McQueen


keep on truckin'

Saw this cool Chevy truck on the way to the Billetproof Drags 2009 in Florida. What a great event. The only drawback was being there in a rental car but what the hell.


butchers beach party

Sorry for the lack of updates... Not much blogging time at the moment, so check out what others are doing like the german Butchers Car Club for example who held their small but cool beach party.


jessi & chris – the ACES wedding

Last weekend, fellow ACES member Chris got married to his girl Jessi. They celebrated in style at their Four Aces shop and we enjoyed a great party. All the best wishes to them. And a couple of pics for you to enjoy.


evolution of a 36 ford

Old Fords never die, they just evolve... and sometimes they become stunning kustoms like this '36 coupe owned by James Hetfield and built by Blue Collar Kustoms. Follow the evolution on Kustomrama.


two blogs added

From time to time I add links to outstanding, impressing or otherwise interesting blogs to the BLOGORAMA list on the right. The two blogs above are the latest additions... FUEL magazine due to its absolutely stunning photograhy and for doing a great magazine, while FlakeKings do great meeting coverages and well, they simply are the kings of flake!


road trip usa

There's nothing like a road trip in an old car. Especially if that old car happens to be a hemi-powered model a coupe. And that's exactly what texan hot rod builder Brian Bass did – no, actually IS doing as right now while you're reading this, he's burning up miles somewhere between Montana and... well, just follow his travel log on the HAMB.



hot rod hayride 2010

What a weekend! We started thursday evening, drove half way through france, slept for 2 hours, drove on, took the ferryboat, and finally, after another 3 hours, arrived at the gates of the Hot Rod Hayride. If you've already been there, you know what it's all about. If you haven't and you are into traditional rods and customs, you gotta check it out at least once. For now I'll let the pics do the talking.