I always liked the lines of the 1959 Chevy hardtop coupes. With just one exception: their windshield. Way too large, kinda out of place. Like some thick, ugly glasses in a pretty girl's face. Well, there are ways to get rid of that. And while it takes a real man to cut one up, it takes a real man to cut up a car with a panoramic windshield. That's what some unknown builder did to this '59 Impala called Creamcycle. And he did it so good, it makes me wonder why this hasn't been done to fifty-nines more often. Hell, it looks like it just cruised right out of a Keith Weesner painting! (BaT)


lowtech 2011 calendar: preview #3

Dana Harvey's 1933 roadster. Click here to order your copy of the 2011 LOWTECH garage photography calendar!


lowtech 2011 calendar: preview #2

Ford Galaxie at the Hot Rod Hayride 2010. Click here to order your copy of the 2011 LOWTECH garage photography calendar! Future collectors item. :-)


out now: lowtech calendar 2011

The first limited edition LOWTECH calendar is out now! It features 13 of my photos, many of them previously unreleased... from California, the UK and Switzerland. There are cars shown like Chris Casny's coupe, Romano Brida's pick-up, Gene Winfield's famous Strip Star, Dana Harvey's roadster, Sandy Wachs' truck and many more.

Get yours now for $ 45 or 35 Euros (CHF 45).
Shipping to the USA is $ 12.
Shipping to Europe is 8 Euros.
Shipping to Switzerland is CHF 7.–.

To order yours please send me an e-mail to luftkraft@yahoo.de or send the total amount directly to my PayPal account with the same address. Don't forget to indicate your shipping address and the number of calendards you want to order. Any questions? Just send me an e-mail. Thank you!

Preview #1: Chris Casny's Coupe

roadster season

This 1931 roadster is owned by Jan. Jan never asks what the weather might be at that hot rod meeting the upcoming weekend. He doesn't whine about rained out car shows. There's no way he cares about getting a late model car to drive around during the winter months. Hell, he doesn't even own a daily driver. Okay, that's not true. He does own a daily driver: his 1931 roadster.


out now: deadend magazine!

This must be a new record in the history of Deadend magazine. Only two months after the last update the Espinoza bros release a new issue of their mag! Check it out here. One of the best damn publications out there – no matter if print or online.


more mooneyes

As usual, the speedhunters guys took some great shots at this year's mooneyes x-mas party.


lowtech 2011 calendar has arrived!

Just in time for this weekend's release party at Custom Parts & Wear, the LOWTECH 2011 calendar has arrived! Pricing and shipping rates will be available soon. Stay tuned for a first preview in a couple of days. Of course, you can pre-order yours already by sending an e-mail to info@c-pw.ch .


bonneville feat. jack costella

Enjoy this short documentary about Bonneville, featuring land speed designer Jack Costella. The movie was done by professional cinematographer Kelly Loudenberg. (HAMB)

mooneyes x-mas party 2010

I wish I'd been there. Click here to check out Jae Bueno's pics.


shop tour II: tom osbourne

Let's get back to our "tour de garage". Next stop was Tom Osbourne's shop, a very nice place with an impressive stable of rides. He definitely is a Chevy guy, as you can judge from the pictures. The hemi-powered a roadster was just visiting but it did fit in nicely. The 1956 wagon with its subtle patina is Kyle's latest project.


mooneyes show yokohama 2010

The japanese still know where it's at. Hot rods, kustoms, bobbers, choppers, you name it. See the best of them all at the annual Mooneyes Show Yokohama. (photos © by TAR7480)


shop tour I: aaron holland

During my recent so-cal trip, I did my own kind of sightseeing: checking out local workshops and garages. One of them cool places was Aaron Holland's shop where he's currently building a traditional to the bone 1954 ford custom. Actually, the build already started a couple of years ago, but thanks to Aaron's patience and workmanship, this is gonna turn out bitchin. You gotta dig the overall flavor of the car, with a tasteful chop, a louvered hood, the grille treatment and the slight lowering... old school customizing at its best!


winter wonderland

Don't know much about this photo of a beautiful deuce roadster other than that it fits the current climate we got around here.

UPDATE 2010-12-09: The deuce is Ray Browns roadster and the picture was taken in 1948. The original caption says "Roadrunner member Ray Brown gets caught in the mountains". (AHRF)


winfield & watson

Better late than never, they say. So here are my pics of the Winfield & Watson Custom Car Gathering which took place at Winfield's in the Mojave desert, uh, a couple of weeks ago. Click here.


the streets of so-cal

California is car culture central, it's the car capital of the world. And that's one of the many things I love about it. The variety of cars you see just sitting in the streets is amazing. Sure it depends on the town, on the neighborhood and so on. But during only a couple of days I saw just so much cool stuff parked somewhere I hardly couldn't believe it. And I tried to capture a little bit of it. (pic above: Modified roadster, Carlsbad)

Caddy Coupe, Palm Springs

Chevy Two-door Sedan, Los Alamos

Ford Falcon Wagon, Oceanside

Chevy Truck, Oceanside

Chevy Camper, Santa Barbara

Airstream Trailer, Palm Springs

Dodge Van, Santa Barbara

Plymouth Savoy, Palm Springs


party time!

Don't miss this! Chris and Manu of Custom Parts & Wear definitely know how to throw a party. Things are gonna start around noon at their shop where you can check out Empire32 and Captain Blaster laying down some lines. In the meantime you can also get those last minute x-mas presents for your loved ones until the swedish Go Getters are gonna hit the stage at the Andalusia Club.

So, there's a lotta stuff going on whereas the real insiders are said to show up just for the legendary cake buffet. But whatever your flavor is, be sure to support your local hot rod store!