king of the clubs 2013

A cold one in your left, a ketchup drippin hot dog in your right. And a blown gasser blasting down the old asphalt strip right in front of your eyes. Does that sound and smell like paradise to you? Well then see you next year at the King Of The Clubs in Barona. In the meantime, check this out and see what you missed. Or let the slideshow do the walking.

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el mirage heat

El Mirage can become an addiction. Even though I'm not actively participating, I have to keep coming back. We usually get there the evening before, have some cold ones, soak up the atmosphere and camp on the lake bed. It's still as intriguing as the first time I went there. This time it was pretty damn hot, well that's probably what you'd expect from a mid-July weekend in the desert, so I wasn't too motivated to go overboard with taking photos. But the sight of an old lakester at the starting line with the wide open sky and the dusty lake bed as a backdrop never ceases to amaze me. This is where traditional hot rodding happens. This is where the magic is. If you think you'd like it too, check out the SCTA schedule. In the meantime, you can take a look at my gallery or enjoy the slideshow.

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lowdown in downey

Just pictures no talking: from last wednesday's cruise night at the Broiler in Downey, Los Angeles.