the return of hot rod deluxe

If HOT ROD is the magazine where it all began, then Hot Rod Deluxe is the mag where it all began for me. Back in 2000, I stumbled across the second (and last) edition of Hot Rod Deluxe at a small local newsstand. When I saw the cover, I hardly couldn't believe it. And when I flipped through the pages, I thought that this is too good to be true. Of course I bought it immediately and soon I realized that there's a whole new (or let's say old?) world beyond billet wheels and dakota digital dashboards.

Now it's back and the first issue just hit the american newsstands. Here you can find out more about HRD. And if you want to read some feedback on the first issue, there's a thread on the HAMB about it. As usual, it will take some time until it's gonna be available around here.

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