jack's 1932 coupe

Baby it's cold outside. Let me dig through the boxes of photos from last summer and see what I can find. Wow, this looks nice. A hot rod in the warm southern california sun. The car obviously is a 1932 coupe with a flathead and a nice raked stance, reminding me a bit of the Lomas coupe.

Choppers member Jack Carroll built it by himself, channelled the body six inches over the frame, cut down the roof another five inches... sure those sinister looks don't come from nothing.

Wheels are 16 inch steelies with whitewalls while the finishing touch is a beautiful bronze paintjob.

Engine is a 24-stud flathead with two 97 strombergs, mated to a 1939 Ford transmission.

The car already looks fast just sitting there, but the image of seeing it blasting down the highway alongside of our rental burnt deep into our minds. Good times!