the hershey special

Dirt track fever keeps spreading all over Europe. The UK's Hot Rod Hayride may have started the madness, but there are now several smaller events in Germany, Sweden and Spain keeping the spirit alive and kicking. Swiss hot rod builder Marcel Moser blew up some dust as well. Together with fellow ACES and Shoplifters members, he raced an old dirt track approved 1933 Ford coupe during the last two years. But since car sharing is the second best solution to car owning, Marcel decided he wanted to possess a race car of his own.

At the 2011 Hershey swap meet, he came across this old sprint car.

It was built on a narrowed 1937 frame with a model A rear end and a 1932 Ford front beam. The engine was a four banger, the body was homebuilt.

After the car had arrived in Switzerland, Marcel replaced the tired engine with the twin ignition flathead he had built for the 1933 coupe.

Metal man Raphael Schaub rebuilt the track nose and fabricated a higher cowl in order to line up perfectly with the grille shell.

Next on the list are a new hood and a belly pan.

The french flathead is a tight fit between the frame rails.

A nice pre-war style A roadster bears company with the sprint car.


  1. Cool build. What kind of speeds are reached during these races?

  2. Look foreward to see it on the Track!