aces in the dirt

It ain't x-mas yet, but receiving these photos this morning was like a little gift. I think you like them, too and we should thank Sonja Moser and her photographic talent for these great shots. She took them last weekend when several members of the ACES Car Club went to Finsterwalde to attend the annual Headbanging, the famous 1/8 mile hot rod race in eastern Germany.


  1. Well, she told me they had a lot of fun, but actually seeing it, just great! and great pics, but i allready told her (o;

    D'Schwöschter vo dr Frou Moser

  2. That old Buick is absolutely spectacular.

  3. I love those good old machines . they are beautiful .
    maybe we should build them at 4:5 size and enjoy them on the roads with new tech under the hood .