plastic surgery

Does this shot look familiar to you? It probably does, as I already published it in this post a couple of days ago. Here we got the original photograph without using the "salt flats" photoshop filter.

It is based on the famous Revell/Monogram 1:8 scale 1932 roadster kit but its builder Fabian Koch added his own homemade three window coupe body.

He also did some fancy tricks to get that faux patina look.

Fabian also did this chopped five window body shell.

How cool is that?

Check out the heavily channelled "Hammered" coupe.

Impressive work from any angle.

Amazing details.

Here's a quick insight into the production process.

So, do you feel like sniffing some model kit glue? You can order the two different body styles directly from the builder Fabian Koch. You can choose either from a three window or a five window coupe, both in 1:8 scale. Each set consists of the body shell, the hood and a windshield. They perfectly fit the Revell/Monogram 1:8 scale roadster kit. Just shoot an e-mail to deuce-models@gmx.net to place your order or to ask any questions or visit their facebook page. (pics © Fabian Koch)


  1. Very nice craftmanship. Does Fabian have a website where we can see more of his work?

  2. I'm afraid, Fabian doesn't have a website with his work. If you send him an e-mail he can provide you with more photos and info.

  3. very cool job ... Very realistic ....