flashback 2008 (1/2)

It's that time of year again... 2008 is about to close its doors while 2009 is waiting on the doorstep. Like every reputable newspaper, magazine or tv station, LOWTECH provides you with an end of year review. Original, huh? Well, the holidays ain't the best time to be creative, but when I browsed the LOWTECH photo gallery I almost got a sentimental feeling, haha seriously...as there were so many great events and moments in 2008. So let's have a look in the rear view mirror and let me share with you some kind of a "best of 2008" selection. Have fun! Part 2 is coming soon.

The year started full throttle with a visit at my buddy Richard's garage

My first ride ever in a '27 roadster

The summer came and brought some great events

Summer in Switzerland doesn't necessarily mean sunshine

In spite of some rain drops, the Cheaters Open House was a great event

Leadsled parking

Another garage, another open house

Great cars, great people

With summer in full swing, time for the Custom Parts & Wear open house

New members for the european chapter of the ACES Car Club

The Shoplifters gained strenght, too

My ride should't be missing when it comes to my personal best of 2008

Thank you & see ya later.

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  1. Happy New Year from Sweden!

    Great pictures you've got.
    I got a link to your place, so you'll propably will have more visits from the north.