1947 chevrolet aerosedan

Sandro Vogel lives in the western part of Austria, close to the swiss border. I met him at the Solèr Speed Shop Open House, together with his daily driver and grocery getter, a bagged 1955 Chevrolet 210 with a 350 engine. His first car ever, by the way. He told me about his new project, a 1947 Chevrolet Aerosedan. In my eyes, they are something like factory customs and don't need much improvement, apart from lowering and maybe a cool paintjob. He just sent me the pics above and I did a quick photoshop, as I simply couldn't wait to admire the future stance of this awesome car. Of course, he's gonna bag it and it should be up and running next summer. Way to go, dude!


  1. geila siach!!!!

  2. Das wird ein super Auto. Halt nicht gleich gegen eine Laterne setzten ;-)

    sg Ph