barn build

Sometimes you find the coolest stuff at the most unexpected places. It started with the invitation to a vintage style summer night party on the countryside in central Switzerland. When we got there, we were welcomed by a more than 100 years old hotel. As some other guests brought some old american iron to the event, I took a few photos. While running around the hotel site, I passed an old barn where some young guys were working on a ricer. Nothing interesting I thought. But when I got closer, I spotted the roof of an old Ford in the small garage. I got even closer and noticed that the roof of what turned out to be a 1930 Ford pickup truck was chopped! After a chat with the countryside hot rodders, I found out that the owner of the truck is going to channel it. And there's even a french Cargo flathead waiting on a shelf... Cool as hell.


  1. Hi Marc.
    Love your blog as much as your car. This is a 30-31 model A ford.

    Mr. Kool from Geneva.

  2. Hey mr. kool, glad you like it :) 29 is what that guy told me, but thank you for the info! cya at the Hangar