making of: 1949 chevrolet coupe

As I already told you, my 1949 chevrolet coupe was built by Kyle Phillips, a talented young guy from La Mesa. Here are some pics of the build-up and the restoration. Being a professional welder, Kyle did all of the metalwork himself. The roof was chopped three inches, the headlights were frenched, hood and trunk nosed and decked and the doorhandles shaved as well. Engine is a 235 inline six from a 1958 chevy truck and it was rebuilt by drag racing legend Dode Martin. It was balanced, the heads reworked, and it got a 3/4 Schneider race cam, an Offenhauser dual intake and a Fenton split manifold leading into dual exhausts with glasspacks. Or in short: Wide whites and rapping pipes. This is what it's all about and that's how they did it way back in the early 50s.

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