period pictures

This is incredible! You can explore millions of historic photos from the 1750s until today. Just click here to enter the LIFE magazine photo archive, hosted by Google. Enter search words like hot rod and you'll be amazed by the stuff you'll find. (Bielle Chaude)


  1. I love seeing old photos like this! Thanks for having such a cool blog, I visit often!

  2. thank you, glad you like it! cheers, Marc

  3. Whoooaw! Thanks for the tip Marc!!
    I love old photo archives like this

  4. Hi Marc!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I like what I see. Fantastic photos and I'm speechless. Didn't know there were so many car crazy people in Switzerland!

    That '49 Coupe you've got was a beauty. Too bad my blog is written in Swedish, but you can always look at the pictures ;)
    (or you can let google translate it for you)

  5. Ohhh you got some good ones there Marc, I've also been trawling through their archives - brilliant stuff.