homebuilt copper fuel tank

A couple of days ago, my buddy Raphael told me he was just about to finish the copper fuel tank he was building from scratch for his model A three window coupe project. So I took my camera and visited him at his workshop.

The details and the finish just blew me away.

The filler neck was turned from a chunk of brass.

Same for the fuel line connections.

Click here for more pics.


  1. sehr edel; wie hat er den dicht bekommen oder ist das cu nur die hülle?

  2. Wow, that looks awesome!

  3. @ Brian: er hat die Fugen verlötet (sh letztes Bild), und der Tank wird noch versiegelt.

    @ Sondre: oh yes, and he already sent me some progress pics from his mobile phone. stay tuned :-)

  4. This is the most fab copper tank I have ever seen. I hope you can help me obtain some information about the copper (what gauge, weight, hardness?) or maybe just put me in touch with the tank fabricator, @brian

    The reason is, I am restoring a 1954 Italian Riva Speedboat ~ Read about it here~ http://www.esse-group.com/LTCB/

    This boat was delivered with two copper fuel tanks in 1953 from Italy. We want to replicate the original tanks.

    Any help greatly appreciated @CASUDI

  5. Sure I can help you, I'll send you an e-mail with all the infos you need about the copper tank. Can I use the address on your restoration blog? That Riva boat has got an amazing history!


  6. Thanks so much. Please use the email on the Riva post. I Look forward to all your info, this is going to be very helpful.

    I am meeting with the tank fabricator on Friday, Extreme Metal and Paint http://www.extrememetalpaint.com/