happy new 2019!

Hard to believe in this time and age, but this blog is still alive. And it is so for good reason. Some of you maybe have noticed a decline in posting activity on my LOWTECH Instagram account. It's not only because there are less time and effort I want to dedicate to (anti-) social media. It's also out of frustration with the current direction those platforms have taken. So, I've decided to give this old blogging thing another try. Let's see where this leads to, and in the meantime, I wish you a happy new year!


  1. Hi Marc, nice to see you give the blog another lease of life.
    Looking forward to your great pics and inspiring words.
    Best wishes for the new year!

  2. glad to see a renewed interest in the blog! i too am looking forward to reading new installments and i wish y'all a happy new year as well!

    ~ bill

  3. Good idea!
    Always looking forward for your posts!
    cheers kurt