the italian jobs

Fate? Luck? Coincidence? I don't know. But this morning, during my daily routine of visiting the HAMB, I stumbled upon not only one but two totally amazing builds from Italy. Both of the cars are quite different and both of them are being built by different gentlemen, but there are some similarities besides their italian background: the attention to detail, the craftmanship, the eye for style, and an undeniable persistence. While the 1953 Chevy Truck shown above – just check out that picturesque setting – is pretty close to being finished, the 1949 Cadillac of HAMBer Mirko 73 still needs a fair bit of attention. But the work that's been executed so far is breathtaking. Not to speak of the car's condition he had to start with.

(photos © Mirko_73, orula)


  1. I also own one of the 54 chevy pick up this last Saturday I met on the Via Aurelia is really a job well done

  2. Thanks, i'm Mirko 73 and i'm onored to see my works in your blog. I and Frank are two friends and this are the Roman works.
    Thanks to all

  3. Hey Mirko, thank you for your comment. Keep up the great Roman works!