roy's hot rod

To some it's just the old part of town. Some call it the surf ghetto. I for myself think it's some kind of paradise. The Los Molinos business district of San Clemente is the fertile soil for a diverse mix of surfboard shapers, artists, car restorers and other talented craftsmen. One of them is Roy. So, after my little feature of Chad's shop a couple of weeks ago, it was time to visit Roy's garage on my tour through San Clemente.

It's not a Ford. It ain't a Chevy. It's a Studebaker.

Being accompanied by some hot rodders from Switzerland, Roy just jumped on the opportunity to have a few good men at his shop to help him lift the freshly built hot rod body on the frame.

Developing and building exercising machines for a living, Roy sure knows something about design, function and craftsmanship.

And his Studebaker will be rolling proof for his skills.

And every shop needs a shop dog, right?

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