the world's fastest movie

I know, there hasn't been much going on here lately. But as they say, work always gets in your way. Or sometimes it's just life itself. Anyway, a few days ago, a charming letter made it through the firewall in my brain. It mentioned a movie project. A movie about several things very dear to my heart: speed, passion, perseverance, love.

And best of all, there was a link to the trailer of that movie. I watched it immediately, not only because it's only a few minutes long. I watched because it grabbed all of my attention. It gave me goosebumps. I was thrilled. But there was also some fine print: the movie doesn't exist –– yet. Unless I and you and some other fellas out there get their shit together and send some funds to make all of this happen. So, here's what you gotta do: Follow this link, enjoy that beautiful trailer, and show some support. I sure will.

Kickstarter: The World's Fastest

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