heart & soul

"Authenticity" is one of the favorite terms of today's marketing crowd. Everything's gotta be real, rough, rugged, honest, true to god and down to earth. Most often, it's only part of the desperate try to breathe life into some run-off-the-mill brand. But what most marketeers don't get is the simple fact that one cannot just "become authentic". Either some person or some brand is real or people will just feel that there's something fishy about it. So, when I'm fed up with the everyday weirdness of this world, I love to go to places where I know everything is real: objects, ideas, and people. Just like the Cheaters Garage.


  1. These images are brilliant, especially in black & white. I'm reminded of a recent convo with my 80-year-old Father-in-law... he said that when he and his wife Betty were dating back in the early 50's, she would get all dolled up for a date only to wind up sitting on a barrel in his garage while he and his buddies wrenched on their old hot rods. I reckon it happened a lot, but she didn't mind as long as he let her hang around. Patience of a saint, she had! THANKS!