hangin' at the hangar

The annual Hangar Rockin' festival is slowly turning into some kind of love/hate thing. Just like most successful events do, it keeps growing bigger and bigger – which, as we all know, doesn't necessarily mean "better". While in previous years it was feasible to avoid the crowds thanks to clever planning, this year this seemed impossible. But it wasn't just a matter of popularity. The whole event is starting to look and feel like a giant open air music festival with many of the drawbacks you know from those kinds of shows. – Oh well, it just ain't what I used to be, right? So, maybe I'm just getting old? That's probably another reason why I wasn't too busy with my camera and instead preferred hanging at our booth talking to friends. Which is, one of my favorite things about this show, as you can also be sure to meet tons of great people. And there were also a lot of beautiful cars. Which makes me wish I had taken more photos but after the fifth dude stumbling in front of my lens I was kinda done. Except for this shoebox Ford. Ramon, you outdid yourself.

Some other rides that caught my attention. I'm happy to see that colors are coming back in force.

But that shoebox...

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