palos verdes (part 2)

If there's a part 1, there must be a part 2 somewhere, right? At least that's what I thought when I recently stumbled upon this post about the magnificent Palos Verdes Hot Rod Cruise. So in order to make sure the law of logic stays true I catch up on this by finally publishing part 2. Please note that there's also another Palos Verdes post here which doesn't make any sense at all but I think it looks cool.

It's the Choppers, baby.

Tom Branch's heavily channelled and Stude powered deuce roadster. One of my all-time favorites.

Thank god it's not Maroon 5 but John Mearns' maroon 1936 Coupe in all its glory.

There's nothing like a Californian surfer wagon to brighten up a grey winter day.

I don't particularly like white cars nor cars with red wheels. But it works incredibly well on this Ford sedan.

Lynn Bird's roadster pick up.

Coco Shinomiya generously offered us to drive her roadster. An offer we couldn't resist even though I had to let my better half handle the steering wheel so I could take some pictures. What a great way of ending our stay in the US. Driving a roadster along the Pacific Ocean. It doesn't get any better than this. And it made it even harder to return to Europe. But the memories will last forever.

Palos Verdes as we know it.

Catching up to the crowd.

The Branch roadster again.

Billy Sakata of the Shifters.

Coco in her beautiful black 27 roadsters on deuce rails.

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