LOWTECH – The California Issue #1: preview 2

In case you're still not entirely sure if you should buy a copy of LOWTECH – The California Issue #1, here's another preview for you. I just had to include this car in my book as it is one of my all-time favorite 1934 Ford Coupes. It was built by Dustin Odbert with the help of his dad Garry and it perfectly embodies the timeless combination of speed and style, thanks to a 365 cubic inch Cadillac engine together with many clever styling clues from GM's finest.

Next week, I'll have my BigCartel web store up and running but if you want to order your copy in the meantime, you can either shoot me an E-Mail or get it right here, right now.

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  1. we found some very cool lowtech in the middle of Kansas http://autoliterate.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-speed-shop-in-strong-city.html