bob the hot rod builder

Hot rodding was in full swing when Bob Hill Senior founded the ACES Car Club in 1952. During the 1960s, the members' activities slowed down and finally lead to the end of the club. The end of the club? Not really.

Some sunny afternoon in the 1990s, Bob Hill Junior was talking to Dana Harvey about his dad's life as a hot rodder. Based on this chapter of the Hill family history and fueled by their mutual interest in traditional hot rods, Bob and Dana decided to resurrect the ACES car club.

Since then, you'll meet Bob almost every day at his garage in San Clemente, California. And even though all the hot rods he ever built were drivers, he prefers building over driving. Not that he wouldn't like to drive them but he's just too busy working at his shop, chasing new projects, or hunting down parts for current and future builds. 

And boy he builds them fast. One finished hot rod project per year is almost an understatement.

Many of the hot rods Bob builds leave the U.S. and carry the torch over to other continents.

So, if you make it to San Clemente and you drive by his shop, chances are good you'll witness Bob in the middle of a fresh hot rod build.

And he'll be happy to tell you one or another story from his family's hot rod heritage.

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