kustom shakedown #1

What a weekend! Whodathunk that an indoor car show can be so much fun? Maybe it was so good because it was the first time they did it? And in a few years everyone's gonna complain that the show grew too big and it all sucks because there are too many people and not enough portapotties and the beer is too warm and too expensive and the food is too greasy? Well, I don't care right now. We had a killer weekend and it all began on a Friday night.

Actually it all began a couple of months ago when several European car clubs received an invitation to bring their cars to the Kustom Shakedown, a new indoor car show. It seems like a lot of them liked the idea and so this past Friday they brought their rides to the little village that is Roggwil, Switzerland.

Friday afternoon, car after car showed up at the gates. Hot rods, mild kustoms, wild kustoms, choppers and bobbers got directed to their spots in the old industrial building and it soon turned into some kind of familiy reunion since we met so many familiar faces.

The old buildings together with some tricky lighting made for a great looking backdrop. But it also gave the photographers a hard time all weekend long since it still was quite dark. So, in case you were wondering about all the weird camera angles I chose... now you know why.

The Kustom Shakedown was a true car club gathering. You could see cars and bikes from the Aces, the Crazy Cruisers, the Draggers, the Flakers, the Fisters, the Lake Cruisers, the Road Devils, the Rumblers, the Shoplifters, and many more.

The Draggers from Munich, Germany, showed up with a whole bunch of killer rides.

Jacek from the Rumblers Ruhrpott chapter brought his unchopped model A coupe, driven by his girl Alex all the way from Germany... 500 miles one way, at night in the pouring rain and with no wipers!

Frank got the Best Of Show award for his super clean and super black deuce roadster.

Schrothi from the german ACES chapter brought his beautiful 1927 t roadster.

And here we got Klaus' bike next to his Chevy Coupe hot rod.

Another one of my favorites was this '63 Buick Le Sabre with a funky paintjob masterfully applied by its owner Oli of the Flakers. Wanna see more? Click here, please.

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