ace ventura

It was my first time at the Ventura Nationals. Or do they call it Primer Nationals? Or maybe that was the old name. Whatever. There's a quote from one of my favorite movies that pretty much sums up my experience in Ventura. You probably know that moment in From Dusk Til Dawn when Santanico Pandemonium is doing her thing and Seth Gecko, the character played by George Clooney, bursts out with his opinion on her performance: That's what I call a fuckin' show! Yeah, that's what it was.

Unfortunately, due to the hot and humid weather, my action behind the camera was somewhat slowed down, but there are still some pictures which I hope you enjoy. More photos...


  1. Great pics!!! Seems like a cool show. I'll have to add it to my bucket list of shows.

  2. great photographs, as always