a night at the broiler

I easily get bored at car shows. What I enjoy most about them is getting there but during the first one or two hours the excitement rapidly starts wearing off. Besides that, the overpriced food usually sucks. It's too crowded. And it's a pain to get any decent pictures. That's why I like early morning get togethers and, sometimes – even cruise nights.

Cruises can be cool. You almost spend as much time driving there as it takes you to walk around the cars in the parking lot. You actually get to meet the owners of the cars. And depending on the venue, there's no shortage of somewhat edible food. So, for months I was planning on attending the almost legendary wednesday cruise night at Bob's Big Boy Broiler in Downey. A week ago we finally made it. Here's what we saw and needless to say, we'll be back soon.


  1. Love the Broiler! That place has so much history!

  2. yeah it is unbelievable, so good it's still/again there!

  3. Your pics are fantastic!