time machine

Usually I don't give much on matching numbers or factory correct stickers. But this little booklet is an amazing blast from the past. I received it together with my 1964 Dodge Wagon as the first owner used it to write down each and every stop for gas, every oil change and the type of oil,  mileage and purchase price. It goes from 1964 to 1994 and from 0 to 95'000 miles. The last 18 years and 5000 miles are not documented. Maybe I should resume the tradition.


  1. ooof... that's Huge ! what a maniac.

    your wagon is one of the coolest I ever seen, did you shot the second photo at San Onofre?

  2. Almost... I shot the photo at Doheny Beach, north of San Clemente. And yes it is huge :)