wheels are everything

I thought I'm fully aware of the impact wheels have on the look of a car. But I keep getting blown away everytime I see the transformation that can be done by simply putting on different wheels and tires. Even though I liked the factory wheelcovers a lot I kinda felt those 14 inch wheels were too tiny for that wagon. And since I always liked the look of chrome reverse wheels and chromed OEM steelies, I celebrated my own little x-mas party today. I'm absolutely stoked, also because it took me days to figure out the perfect tire size and it seems the choice I made turned out right. My apologies that they're only radials, but lookwise they are as bias-ply-ish as they get. Now where did I put that box with the lowering blocks?


  1. You've got a fantastic Wagon !

    tell us more about it ...

  2. sure... it's a 1964 Dodge 880 Custom Wagon, one owner, 100k miles, first paint, first everything... I hope to take some more pictures soon. It's a blast to drive with its 361 engine and the push-button transmission! I love it.