a weekend at the classic car show

My buddy and metalman extraordinaire Raphael just started his own business Schaub Metalworks. But we all know, there's no business without customers. So, in a matter of days, he got himself a spot at the annual swiss classic car show in order to promote his new shop to a wider audience.

Friday noon, we were ready to hit the road to Fribourg, a nice little town in the french speaking part of Switzerland.

In a brain twisting creative process, we came up with the booth concept. It basically consisted of his hot rod, complemented by enough beer to stand the various challenges during a weekend long classic car show.

Our concept seemed to work out as the whole weekend long, a crowd was gathering around Raphael's infamous three window coupe.

It was nice to talk to everyone and we met a lot of great people. Most popular questions were "what year is it?", "what is it?" or "what did it use to be?".

During the two days at the show, we had enough time to check out the other cars.

This Cobra was one of my personal favorites.

Thousands of model cars.

The lighting reminded me of the Suede Palace at the Grand National Roadster Show.

More cool cars.

1933 Alvis with a front mounted supercharger.

Another Alvis. A true hot rod!

The day usually ended sometime in the morning at this cool local bar. Good times!

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  1. i have been to that town...my friend lives there...i wonder if she saw the show......that three window is something special.....