a night in guadalupe

We're still travelling up and down the west coast and after a short trip to San Francisco (photos coming soon), we came back to Santa Maria where we met with Mark Garza of Stylish Kustoms. After a visit at his father's workshop (photos coming soon) he took us to Guadalupe, a beautiful small town where I took the chance to snap some pics of his beautiful 1957 Chevy wagon. Enjoy!

Just as the sun went down, Mark's friends Gilbert and Steve of the Los Phantoms Car Club turned up. What an amazing setting.

California at its best.


  1. thanks for the support ...Nice meeting you guys...El Chubbs Los PHANTOMS CC

  2. you're welcome man! it was a pleasure meeting you guys!!

  3. Cool pics. I drove my wagon out to the Far west Tavern Saturday night after S.M. hoping to get some shots just like these. Got a spot in front and forgot my camera. Oh well, great steak anyway. Jay

  4. It was nice meeting you guys,thanx for posting the pics