california dreamin' (part 2)

Hey guys, the journey continues... We're currently staying at the Capri Motel in San Francisco, a cool old motor lodge from the 1950s. But it's already our last night here as we're gonna head south tomorrow, checking out Santa Cruz before driving down Big Sur. Today we visited Roy Brizio in South San Francisco, we're we stumbled across these two beautiful 1932 coupes...

Here's a pic from our visit at the Petersen Museum in LA, a few days ago, the AMBR winner from 1950, if I remember correctly


  1. Nice one Marc - all the best for the New Year - Enjoy !!

  2. Wenn ich raus gucke und den regen sehe beneide ich euch irgendwie ein wenig ;-) Viel Spaß noch ihr zwei Süßen!!!