there's life out there

In a world where all kinds of media channels are blurring our view, it's hard to keep track of the things that really matter. We get absorbed by some kind of weird vanity that makes us longing for likes, shares, and other virtual pats on the back. But just take a step back. And you'll see you don't have to hate media. Maybe just rethink the way you use it. Why don't we use digital media by ourselves in order to create something in real 3D life. That's what we did a couple of weeks ago when me and buddy Eric were talking about having our own little get-together of like minded people – and cars, of course. I had quickly sketched out a flyer, the word of mouth started spreading – via smartphones, to be honest – and on a sunny Sunday morning in beautiful San Clemente, cars were starting to turn up. Real cars, hot rods, mild kustoms, moving, sounding, rolling in slowly. And all the better, people were showing up as well. It even seemed like everyone was having a great time, meeting old friends and making new ones. And all of this happened thanks to using media for what they're meant to be. Being a medium to connect people. And not to absorb them in some paralell entertainment universe. So, get out there, drive your old heap, and meet up with your people, friends, family. You're gonna have the time of your life. I promise. 

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