the scott miller roadster

I must admit I was feeling a little bit depressed when I got that e-mail message from RodShows.com with the suggestion to pre-order my ticket for the upcoming Grand National Roadster Show 2014. It's not only because I realized that I got one year older since the last one. It's more because I won't be able to attend the show. So, in order to celebrate my melancholy, I dug through my old GNRS 2013 pictures. And there was one or another car that was capable to brighten my mood. One of them was this 1929 roadster, a fresh build by Scott Miller from Pasadena, California. On its display sign it mostly says Hot Rod. And actually there isn't much more to say about this car other than it's simply a perfect Hot Rod. It isn't perfect in a sense of boringly perfect. It is perfect in a way that makes you wonder if he didn't do any mistakes at all. And that alone can be a pretty depressing insight. Oh well, there's that melancholic feeling again.

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