getting trunk

Holidays are great. You visit your folks, you eat a lot, you hang around. Or you build a hot rod. That's the way ACES member Raphael prefers to spend his days off around x-mas. Here's what he came up with: an aluminium trunk lid, completely built from scratch just because he didn't like the fit of the original one. And yes, it looks so much better. Click here to see what happened before.

Homebuilt handle.

Our man fabricated the inner structure...

...as well as the trunk hinges.

Nice view.


  1. i looked at all those images...amazing...totally amazing work...and what a beautiful place he lives...an airfield?....im just about to start building my a model and that kind of shit sends me into a spin.

  2. He works as an airplane mechanic/restorer. So during his days off, he sometimes takes the model A to his workplace next to a hangar with an airfield. That guy has amazing skills for sure.