dvd review: vintage torque #2

Sometimes it ain't easy being a car guy during the european winter... on the one hand, you got more time to work in the garage. But sometimes you just feel like jumpin into your rod or custom and going for a spin, if there wouldn't be that white stuff outside... That's when DVDs come in handy, just like the Vintage Torque series. I just watched their second release which is a double DVD set with over 3 hours running time, covering shows like the Lonestar Round-Up, Billetproof Florida, Viva Las Vegas and so on. I was blown away by the sheer amount of stuff featured, while the concept reminded me of other famous DVD series, even if the focus is more on showing currently homebuilt rides than on tracking down historically important cars. The man behind Vintage Torque, John Wells is working his ass off for providing us with the best of traditional rod & custom stuff and in the meantime, he already published issue #3, so check it out.

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