monday movie: ian loska's coffee truck

Some of you may remember this radical 1934 Ford pick-up truck from the Suede Palace at this year's GNRS. I for myself remember running into its owner and builder Ian Loska at my buddy Eric's shop as well as at the local auto parts store in San Clemente. And since I had been following the build for quite a while I was happy to hear that Ian had it finished and he was willing to let me shoot it. The photos I took turned out nice enough to do the car justice and to get it on the cover of the Swedish GASOLINE Magazine.

The article came out great and I'm stoked about that but here's something that can't be shown on printed paper: the hot rod in action. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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  1. that is crazy cool !
    love the drift action, the rollcage, the front axle. this is different as HotRods should be !
    greets G√ľnter