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for sale | ian's 1934 »coffee truck«

photo © Matt Amick

photo © Matt Amick
Some people say, there's a fine line between genius and insanity. Ian Loska's 1934 pick-up truck just says f*** off and turns that line into a cloud of tire smoke. And it does so for good reason: There are a maybe a handful radical hot rods that are equally crazy-styled but still perfectly proportioned, well-built, and, believe it or not, driveable. So, here's your chance to own one of those rare builds as Ian Loska's is selling his pick-up, also known as the »coffee truck«. I shot it for the Swedish GASOLINE Magazine as well as the German KUSTOM CAR Mag. In the meantime, Ian dramatically altered its looks by slapping on a set of Radir tri-ribs shot with Excelsior front tires and good old Cheaters slicks in the back. Talk about 1960s show car / drag style. All you gotta do is follow this link and place your bid. Good luck! Or check out this video first.
photo © Matt Amick


for sale | 1927 Ford »The Green T«

photo © Etienne Musslin

photo © Etienne Musslin

One of Europe's wildest 1960s style show rods is up for grabs: Fred from the Cheaters Geneva is selling his 1927 Ford T. The car was built by Teemu from Finland but many details have changed since. It's a great driving, nicely detailed hot rod with a killer look.

BODY chopped 11", channelled 4", 1958 Edsel Grill, metal flake green
CHASSIS Custom made
ENGINE 394 ci Oldsmobile Rocket (stroked 371 ci), Jahns pistons, Isky cam, solid lifters, 4 Stromberg 97 carbs, Ross intake manifold, Mallory Dual Points distributor
TRANSMISSION Muncie M21 4-speed manual, custom made bellhousing adapter, 9" Ford rearend
INTERIOR White Naugahyde
OTHER Full feature in the french magazine Powerglide (Dec 2006 / Jan 2007 edition), French title, car is located in France, near Geneva (Switzerland). International buyers welcome!
PRICE $32.500 obo
CONTACT Please e-mail fredvagen@gmail.com


there's life out there

In a world where all kinds of media channels are blurring our view, it's hard to keep track of the things that really matter. We get absorbed by some kind of weird vanity that makes us longing for likes, shares, and other virtual pats on the back. But just take a step back. And you'll see you don't have to hate media. Maybe just rethink the way you use it. Why don't we use digital media by ourselves in order to create something in real 3D life. That's what we did a couple of weeks ago when me and buddy Eric were talking about having our own little get-together of like minded people – and cars, of course. I had quickly sketched out a flyer, the word of mouth started spreading – via smartphones, to be honest – and on a sunny Sunday morning in beautiful San Clemente, cars were starting to turn up. Real cars, hot rods, mild kustoms, moving, sounding, rolling in slowly. And all the better, people were showing up as well. It even seemed like everyone was having a great time, meeting old friends and making new ones. And all of this happened thanks to using media for what they're meant to be. Being a medium to connect people. And not to absorb them in some paralell entertainment universe. So, get out there, drive your old heap, and meet up with your people, friends, family. You're gonna have the time of your life. I promise. 


happy holidays

Merry x-mas and happy holidays from the LOWTECH headquarters. See you next year, stay safe and healthy.


hot rod x-mas

X-mas holidays are a nice tradition. We get some days off and it's okay to eat and drink a lot of not necessarily healthy stuff. Another not-to-miss element of this tradition is the annual X-mas Party at Custom Parts & Wear in Mellingen, Switzerland. Every last Saturday before Christmas eve, Stöffel and his crew invite the local hot rodders, kustom enthusiasts and other hoodlums for an evening with tasty food and refreshing beverages. This year the only guest missing was the snow so mostly everyone grabbed the chance of enjoying this year's last drive, which made for an eclectic mix at the visitor's parking lot. Thanks to the Shoplifters Car Club for being the world's best hosts!

Some members of the Crazy Cruisers car club came all the way from France.

Good-looking V8-powered two-door Chevy of the T&M Schilter Speed Shop.

Baby, it's cold outside.

Däddy's new 1949 Chevy DeLuxe Coupe.

Model A boogie.

Driving a pick-up truck never gets out of style.

Michel brought his well-aged 1960 El Camino. Such a cool car.

Happy holidays!


friday movie | sunday shindig 2014

It's that time of year again: Summer has gone for so long that it feels like a distant childhood memory. And even worse, the upcoming spring first has to leave the field to the cold, grey and ugly season. Well, there actually is some work to be done in the garage. But hey, it's Friday. And all our friends are at some car show in Japan. So, let's grab a cold one, turn up the speakers and enjoy this great little video about the Los Boulevardos Sunday Shindig 2014 from Alex Rosen.