hot rod garage

Things are not always what they seem. Or would you have guessed that this 34 Coupe lives behind the sliding doors of this modernist dream house garage? So it won't come as a surprise either that it shares the space with a Y-block powered model A roadster on deuce rails. So much more refreshing than the usual Porsche 911 or Range Rover combo.


blue moves

Click on one of the pictures and use the arrow keys to get the Impala moving.


a perfect day

It felt like summer was trying to say sorry for the messed-up past few months, so the weather couldn't have been better for the annual Open House at Custom Parts & Wear. Everyone – and I say everyone – showed up. The place even got so packed people had a hard time getting their rides out when they wanted to leave. But actually, no one really wanted to leave. The burgers were way too good, the artists were busy, cold beer was plentiful and we were all enjoying ourselves. For the first time I had set up a little booth with some of my artwork so I couldn't take too many photos but here's a bunch from the few moments when it was less crowded. Thanks to everyone who showed up and said hi and special thanks to the Custom Parts & Wear crew led by Stöffel and Däddy who did an outstanding job making sure everyone was happy. It truly was a perfect day.


factory kustom friday

For a long time, Lincolns have been a customizer's favorite. From mild to wild, from a late 30s Zephyr to a mid 60s Continental. But actually, they don't need much improvement. With their long sleek lines and a pretty extraordinary styling most of the Lincoln coupes are essentially factory kustoms. Add a little lowering and a good shave and you're done with an impressive looking cruiser, ready to hit the boulevard.


high school hot rod

There's a certain mystique that surrounds those survivors, barn finds and one-family-owned hot rods. It's not just that they allow you a glimpse into the way they did it back in the day. Most of those stories add some new dimension to that ole pile of steel, rubber and rust. Call it spiritual if you like. And maybe it's just me but many of those tales start with something like, he built it in high school. Or, during his senior years, this heap was his only means of transportation, including frequent trips to El Mirage and the Santa Ana Drags. There's also a story that goes with this black beauty here, albeit it takes a little different turn.

Check out the ebay listing for the whole story.


before the race

Almost 200 traditional hot rods racing on one of the nicest stretches of beach in the United Kingdom – this combination is tough to beat. And it gets even better since the action doesn't just take over the beach but the entire town of Pendine. So, forget about that time machine and book your next summer vacation in Pendine Sands. Here are some pics I took the evening before the race.

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chillin' with the cheaters

When I hear about someone being a fan, I usually think of screaming teenage girls. Or soccer fans. Or dinosaur fans. But I would never ever consider myself being a fan. Of anything.

Except maybe for this: It was on a sunny afternoon in 2004 or 2005. I was hanging out at Custom Parts and Wear, Switzerland's only hot rod store and shopkeeper Stöffel just had received a dozen or so copies of a book called Cheatersville. It was a nice coffee table book by Laurent Bagnard, a French photographer. And there wasn't much text in it. But the book was packed with bitchin' photos of a bunch of young hot rodders, of their rides, of their parties and their road trips. Those hot rodders weren't from the US, hell no. They were from goddamn Switzerland. It fucking blew my mind. From that moment on, I became a fan of the Cheaters Geneva. And I still am.

"A fan, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something, such as a band, a sports team, a book or entertainer." (wikipedia.org)

Stephane's chopped 1950 Mercury.

Franck's blown 1932 deuce sedan.

Laurent's shoebox Ford.

Xavier's daily driven El Camino.