hotter than hell

Howdy fellas. Hope you arrived safely in the new year. Holy hell jeebus, it's 2014 already! And we're still tinkering with vehicles from the first half of the previous century? Ain't there something new? Anything fresh? Well there is something fresh right here. Ok, it's not THAT new, since I discovered this Merc almost one year ago at the 2013 GNRS. And I have no clue how long before it was finished. But to me it's a fresh take on probably the most traditional and iconic custom car there is. The 49-51 Merc. And honestly, I can't even tell why it's so appealing. It's not subtle. It's not restrained. It's nothing a traditional – read late 40s to early 50s – kustom stands for. Heck it doesn't even have white whites or a deep, dark paintjob. To me it just feels right. The heavy chop. The flames. Everything. This thing fuckin' rules. Happy new year! And please excuse the cheesy headline, it's still early in the year.

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