santa maria 2013

My mom always said it's important in life to focus on something. The Santa Maria show, or Santa Robles or Paso Maria like some people call it, is doing it right as it focuses on custom cars. There are no bikes, no vans, no random classic cars and almost no hot rods. And that's what makes this show a great show. Especially if you're into custom cars. Or kustoms, to be more exact. If you like to see more pics, you'll find them here. Or how about a convenient slideshow?

Nice and simple shoebox.

This Chevy was one of my favorites.

Gilbert and Esther Robles' Plymouth made it to the show under its own power. Congratulations to them and to the builders Arnold and Mark Garza.

I like the crisp lines of those early 1960s Pontiacs.

This creation was way cool: Probably based on a 1959 El Camino, it had 1960 Caddy rear quarters and fins and a 1961 Caddy front. To me it felt like a barn find, or a desert find kustom.

Crazy paintjob on a 1949 Chevy finished just in time for the show.

I don't know why but I just have a soft spot for well-proportioned early 1950s Chevy kustoms.

More photos...


  1. As usual your view and eye for custom cars and Hot Rods is nothing short of stylish.
    Ever had the thought of doing a kind of Custom/Hot Rod/Lifestyle related photo book like the "Electroline Diaries"?

  2. Thank you! Yeah that is a tempting idea... Btw "Electroline Diaires" is one of my favorite books in the field of hot rod culture.