factory kustom of the week: 1961 olds 88

I got a soft spot for those early to mid 60s cruisers. Whether it be coupes or wagons, Ford, Chrysler or GM: it seems like the car companies had bigger balls during that period of time for cranking out new rides that more resembled of show cars than real production models. Well, a design historian with the help of a cultural psychologist might come up with a better explanation for those amazing designs. But most importantly, they make for perfect mild kustoms and don't need much except for a lowered stance, a decent shaving or maybe different wheels and paint. Some of my favorites are the GM bubbletops, especially this 1961 Olds Dynamic 88 hardtop coupe. Just check out those lines!

Pardon me but I just couldn't resist doing a photoshop lowering job.

The taillight design rocks.

Fins never looked better. They just had to turn them upside down.

Picture yourself here with some ladies in the backseat.

Less is more. Find this killer ride for sale on Hemmings. No, I don't get any commission. (photos © seller)

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