the "t & m schilter" workshop

Here we go again. The 1953 Chevy is the long term project of the two Schilter brothers. It's gonna be mild custom with some emblems shaved and a lowering job. The original six inline was swapped for a smallblock. They're gonna drive it hard and with the steep roads through the swiss alps, they need any extra torque available.

Besides the beer filled fridge, the workshop is professionally equipped.

A nice black Caddy sitting in front of the shop.

They use it a lot. It's the perfect party mobile.

The beautiful 1957 Buick Special of a customer.

Another Buick in the works: this 1950 sedan is gonna be lower, too.

The air filter was built using one of the car's old hubcaps. Check out the name and address the first owner engraved, in case the hubcap would fall off.

The nice interior will remain untouched.

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