magical mystery coupe: update

Here are some more pics of the Koch Coupe. It's being built by Thomas Koch, swiss custom car builder, restorer and metal wizzard with the help of his equally talented brother Fabian. In case you're familiar with the aircooled Volkswagen scene, these names might sound familiar to you as you probably noticed their "Hammered" bug in the Volksworld magazine. Now the brothers are at it again! And their workmanship is stunning as usual. Check out the first steps.

They started with a decent stocker that was looking quite good, but it turned out that the lower two or three inches of the body were rusted. Not happy with the fit and quality of some repop panels they had bought, Thomas fabricated his own panels. Now they fit perfectly.

The Koch bros. started with a roof chop of 3.5 inches. Not entirely happy with the result, they cut out another half an inch.

Now it looks like it should.

The so important cuts in various finishing stages.

4 inches are missing.

All of the new sheet metal, e.g. the rear corners or the wheel wells, was made from scratch.

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