hot rod hayride 2010

What a weekend! We started thursday evening, drove half way through france, slept for 2 hours, drove on, took the ferryboat, and finally, after another 3 hours, arrived at the gates of the Hot Rod Hayride. If you've already been there, you know what it's all about. If you haven't and you are into traditional rods and customs, you gotta check it out at least once. For now I'll let the pics do the talking.


  1. It's a bummer I couldn't make it this year. My buddies went (a chevy impala grey that hits the floor and a f-100 ford truck green).
    I was there 2 years ago and it was a blast!

  2. I saw your buddies, we drove together for a couple of miles to the hayride! cool rides!

  3. Excellent pictures!
    And you're right, it's a must-see for every rodder in Europe (around the world even). We had a magnificent time as well and will be back next time.
    cheers FlakeKings

  4. thank you! just checked out your blog, a lot of great stuff! cheers Marc