classic custom ads (volume 7)

What if the 1950 merc had left the factory as a chopped down leadsled? This would have been cool.


  1. This is Incredible...I am taking up Graphic Design in school, and I love cars and I was just looking at old 50s style car ads and I wanted to replicate them, and here I do a search and see that you do them very well...You say they are Photochopped, but how do you get that kind of results...Are they fully redone, or do you use a pic of a Kustom Car you shot, and redraw it in Photoshop? or do you just scan up and old ad from a Magazine and then edit the car & text?

    I'm very interested in your process, because I was on the verge of trying it myself, but I'm left a little Stumped...

    Keep up the Great Work...I hope you can reply back...

  2. Thank you! All the ads I modified are old ads I found on the net, mostly scans from old magazines. The rest is just photoshop work, chopping, shaving...

    good luck